Unlocking your phone: Cable versus Remote Unlock Code

by fonesunlock on January 6, 2010

Unlock your mobile and it’ll accept any network’s Sim card, giving you access to change networks whenever you wish to accept the best promotional offers, cheaper texts, lower roaming costs and the ability to pass on your phone to others.

One phone unlocking method is by using a clip and cable. This involves unlocking the phone using a specific data cable and software, and applies to a limited number of handsets. Most people will send their phone to a dedicated unlocker for this service, but it’s possible to do it yourself but there is the cost of the hardware, and you MIGHT screw up the phone.

The most reliable and fastest way to a unlock mobile phone is using a REMOTE UNLOCKING CODE and involves obtaining and entering a special code into your phone, which gets rid of all the restrictions as if by magic, and is by far the most common method.

Get a quote from your network.
Phone your current network and ask it how much it’ll charge for an unlock code. Unfortunately, networks tend to play fast and loose with their unlocking fees, to the extent it often seems they’re making them up as they go along. You may be quoted anything between £20 and £120, depending on your handset, network, and it seems, which way the wind is blowing that day.

Your best option is a dedicated unlocker like ourselves.
It can take only a few minutes to generate your code. Once it arrives, follow the instructions and simply key it into your handset.

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